Words from Past Contestants


Mr. & Ms. Military are the most visible external-facing representatives of the mission of the MMMO program to the public. As a member of the team, they are responsible for positively advancing the goals and objectives of MMMO as well as their own Social Impact Initiative. 

The titles of Mr. & Ms. Military are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that carries with it service above self. The job is pretty much that of a "military influencer".

Code of Conduct Agreement

Registration for the 2023-2024 Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant is ongoing until January 22, 2023.

During the registration period, the entry fee will be $349.

The entry free for late registration will be $399., from January 23 through February 17, 2023.

All entry fees are non-refundable.

Non-profit organizations with veterans or active members on staff or as volunteers receive a special discount when they enter three contestants or more. Contact info@mmmilitary.com for more information about available discounts.

After the entry fee has been paid, please follow the instructions below for MMMO to begin

processing your registration.

MMMO may choose to sponsor a limited number of selected contestants each month who meet eligibility criteria.

Email director@mmmilitary.com a headshot of yourself and a short bio describing your

military service and years, occupation, community service, interests and anything about

your background you want to share with the public.

(Note: The bio should be no less than 200 words, and no more than 500 words. MMMO

recommends contestants submit a professional photo; the photos will be published on

social media and marketing materials for the pageant.) You must own the rights to the photo or have written consent from the owner to distribute to MMMO for publication. 

Contestants who do not have a relationship with a non-profit partner should visit the

MMMO website and select an organization for the pageant and include the name in their

bio before submission.

Contestants are allowed to immediately begin promoting and raising funds for their non-profit

organization. The Top 10 Males and Top 10 Females will be invited to the Finals in

San Diego, CA on February 24, 2023.

MMMO will add new contestants to our Bi-weekly Pageant Newsletter to keep everyone updated with the same information. Good luck and more importantly, have fun.

Contest Requirements

To be eligible for the Finals, contestants are required to:

1. Have a minimum of one social media post each week promoting a nonprofit of choice before February 17, 2023. In the posts, contestants should inform their followers that they are competing for the title of Mr. or Ms. Military, and about the work their nonprofit does and how it benefits the community. Contestants must use “@MrMsMilitary” and “#MrMsMilitary”. Extra points will be awarded by the judges for creativity.

2. Contestants must raise a minimum of $100. through any sources, including social media,

before the deadline on February 17, 2023. If your chosen nonprofit is not listed on your social

media fundraiser, you may choose one that is listed and partner with that organization.

3. Contestants must sell a minimum of five (5) tickets to the event before February 17, 2023.

Contestants are encouraged to be as creative as possible within the boundaries of the law in

raising funds for their nonprofit. Please remember that the fundraising is a collaboration

between our contestants and their chosen non-profit organization. You are encouraged to work

with the non-profit organization of your choice during the fundraising campaign, utilizing any

creative outlets, including photos and videos. MMMO encourages contestants to use social

media fundraising for our judges to visibly track the progress of their campaigns.




The Code Of Conduct Agreement includes additional terms and conditions contestants agree to

abide by during the Mr. & Ms. Military pageant competition. These terms and conditions can be modified at any time before and during the competition without advance notice. By entering in the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant, contestants agree to follow all of the terms and conditions in the Code of Conduct Agreement, and are subject to disqualification or dismissal from the pageant competition if they violate any provisions of the agreement, including terms and conditions of the

Code of Conduct terms may not be specified at the time contestants entered into the agreement.

As a Contestant in the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant, you agree:

● To be a person of good moral character throughout pageant competition and during the

2023-2024 title year if you are chosen as a titleholder or a runner-up titleholder of the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant.

● To have not committed, nor will you engage in any conduct that is not of high moral

standards, which may negatively reflect upon the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant, its officers, sponsors, affiliates, or any third party connected to MMMO.

● To be courteous, respectful and professional during the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant and

while representing MMMO as a titleholder, if applicable.

● To behave in a courteous and polite manner during MMMO events, and not engage in conversations or actions that may be considered offensive or disrespectful.

● To remain at any previously agreed upon, scheduled events as a titleholder, if applicable, or throughout the duration of the pageant competition as a contestant.

● Will inform family, friends and/or representatives that only the contestants and MMMO

personnel or officials are allowed on stage during the competition and immediately

following the crowning ceremony.

● To not allow any family, friends, or representatives backstage during the competition.

● To not make comments or engage in any discussion that would be considered

slanderous or libelous or disrespectful to any branch of the U.S. military, to any foreign military, to fellow contestants, judges, sponsors, affiliates, MMMO or any party directly associated with MMMO. Any such violation could result in immediate dismissal from the pageant competition and revocation of title, if applicable.

● To exhibit good sportsmanship before, during and after the pageant competition;

temperamental behavior or outbursts may result in immediate dismissal and removal

from the premises.

● Will not smoke, abuse alcohol (become drunk) in public during the pageant or when visibly engaged in competition or any MMMO event.

● To not be photographed or recorded holding an MMMO title while consuming or also

holding an alcoholic beverage or a cigarette/cigar, or marijuana. 

● To not allow another individual to be photographed or recorded holding their MMMO title

while consuming or also holding a glass of alcohol or a cigarette/cigar, or marijuana.

● By signing the Code of Conduct Agreement, you understand and accept that any

violations of the agreement may be determined solely and exclusively by MMMO

officials, and any consequences related to the Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant contest is the

sole discretion of MMMO.

● All Finalists must be present to win the Four titles of Mr. Military and Ms. Military and both runner-up titles.


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