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2023 Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant

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Contest Requirements are Listed Below

The Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant was created to showcase, celebrate and to appreciate the accomplishments of our military veterans. This year we will be partnering with local nonprofits to help bring exposure and donations that will help support their causes and programs. That is why right now we are looking for the Top Male and Top Female in the world of community service.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

We are looking for your coworkers, volunteers, family members or friends, who are military veterans that have gone above and beyond to help others in their community or have done something significant that you think is deserving of the title "Mr. or Ms. Military". Your choice can have a positive impact on someone's life for years to come. Keep in mind should they win, they don't have to quit their job but must be able and available on a part time basis to fulfill their duties as a title holder for one year. Thanks for helping us find the next Mr. & Ms. Military.

This year contestants will join with a non-profit organization that they have a strong connection to. The non-profit's mission and goals should be in line with what the contestant feels very passionately about.

The contestants may sponsor themselves or they may have a non-profit sponsor them.  During the preliminary round contestants will have at least two months to raise as much creative exposure and cash as they can for their non-profit. The final round will have contestants who have made the top ten cut for the males and top ten cut for the females. These finalists will be invited to the LIVE event in October where they will be judged in such categories as: Private Interview, Community Platform and Creativity, Military Fitness, Military Knowledge, Formalwear and An On-Stage Event. Afterwards winners will be announced and the reign begins.

We do listen and consider your ideas and because of that we may occasionally add some changes. Therefore, any updates will be announced first in our Pageant Weekly Newsletter to our Contestants and later on our Instagram page.


Will run from today until January 22, 2023. During this time the entry fee will be $349. MMMO may choose to sponsor a limited number of contestants each month. The Late registration fee will be $399. and will take place from January 22 through February 17, 2023. Non-profit Organizations receive a special discount when they enter 3 contestants just email for more information. For Zelle payments email us at for account information. A 3% payment credit card fee will be applied by the credit card company.

Split Up Into Payments

If $349. is too much to pay at one time, then no need to worry. Now you can make payments instead of paying the total all at once. Just click this link to use Square Afterpay on the check-out page click on Afterpay underneath the "Credit Card" box to break up the total into easy multiple interest-free installments. That's it.

Next Steps

If you don't already have a non-profit partner selected no worries, just pick one from our website and include it in your bio. We will add new Contestants to our Weekly Pageant Newsletter to keep everyone updated with the same information. Now you can start promoting and raising funds for your non-profit. Remember the Top 10 Males and Top 10 Females will be invited to the Finals in San Diego, CA on February 24, 2023. 

The Contest Requirements

There is no weight requirement. There is no swim suit competition. Nonprofits may have more than one contestant entered in the contest.

To be eligible for the Finals Contestants are Required to:

1. Have a minimum of 3 Social Media Posts promoting a nonprofit of choice before January 31, 2023. In their Posts, Contestants should let their followers know they are competing for the title of Mr. or Ms. Military and inform their followers what their nonprofit is doing for the community. Contestants must use: @MrMsMilitary and/or #MrMsMilitary. Extra points will be awarded by the Judges for Creativity. Any actors out there?

2. Raise a minimum of $100.00 for their nonprofit before January 31, 2023. This can be done by adding a Fundraiser to your Social Media posts on Facebook and Instagram. If your nonprofit is not listed you may choose one that is listed and partner with that organization.

3. Sell a minimum of 5 tickets to the event before January 31, 2023. We have In-person and Virtual tickets available for anyone to watch from anyplace. Email for a special Promo code to track sales.

During the contest you are encouraged to be creative as possible (without breaking any laws). We will not be held responsible for anyone's behavior. Find creative ways to showcase, celebrate and appreciate your non-profit organization on and off social media. Take plenty of videos, pictures and recordings. Whatever you and your non-profit agree on doing. You and your nonprofit should be working together as a team.

You are encouraged to use the hashtag #MMMilitary in your postings and you can tag us on Instagram @MrMsMilitary. Moreover, follow us right now (so you don't forget) on Instagram for contest updates and changes should any occur.

Nonprofits will no longer be required to track and report fundraising efforts to us. Contestants will be encouraged to add Fundraisers to their Social Media Posts by typing the name and selecting the nonprofit they would like to support in the Post. We feel this is a more fair way to track progress.

Entry fee payments are only refundable up to 12 hours after payment has been made. After 12 hours, no refunds will be issued as we will be using all funds we receive for the contest.

The Finals

Will be held on Friday February 24, 2023 at The KROC Theatre located at 6611 University Ave, 92115 in beautiful San Diego, Ca. As more information comes in we will announce it first to all Contestants in the Weekly Pageant Newsletter then here and on Instagram and Facebook as well.

The Winners

Judges will pick the top male and top female who will be crowned Mr. and Ms. Military. The male runner-up will be Mr. (last branch of service) and the female runner-up will be Ms. (last branch of service). For example, if the male runner-up last served in the Army. His title will be Mr. Army. If the female last served in the Air Force, her title will be Ms. Air Force.

The Prizes

Finalists must be present to win. Cash and prizes will total $2,500 for Mr. Military and the same $2,500 in cash and prizes for Ms. Military. Cash prize for Runner-ups will be TBD. As more information comes in we will announce it on Instagram.

Prizes may be issued at the end of the titleholders reign.


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